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    Handmade Greeting Cards
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    Dowel Australia
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    Twilight 2 Twighlight Country Retreats
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    Carmel Fasolo
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    Deb's Dream Cottages
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    Where You Bean Fabric & Craft
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    IKOplus Fabric
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    Altogether Patchwork
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    Simply Natural Soap Making Supplies
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    Clearly Rubber Stamping
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    Wholesale Soy Candles
  • SOAPhisticated LADY
    SOAPhisticated LADY
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    Mandala Art
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    Cat Portraits
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    Nicola Thomsons Needlepoint Designs
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    Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns
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    Handmade Scraps

New Listings

  • Dowel Australia

    Dowel Australia

    Dowel Australia manufacture dowel in a variety of timbers and sizes. We can provide dowel in sizes ranging from 10mm to 65mm so there is sure to be a size available for your craft project.

  • SOAPhisticated LADY

    SOAPhisticated LADY

    Step-by-step instructions to learn how to make original soap designs with innovative, never-before-seen melt and pour soap making techniques. SOAPhisticated LADY is your online resource for melt and pour soaps you're gonna love to make for your own personal use, to give as gifts or to sell to make money!

  • Where You Bean Fabric & Craft

    Where You Bean Fabric & Craft

    We are an online retailer of fabric & craft supplies & handmade goods for babies & children. We specialize in bright modern fabrics & designs that are a lot of fun to work with.

  • Becci's Beads & Crafts

    Becci's Beads & Crafts is your one stop shop for all your crafts needs. We sell Beads, Rhinestones, European beads, Scrapbooking supplies (specialising in Kaisercraft) and a range of other brands and jewelery making products. We accept all the major Credit Cards and offer a range of offline payment terms and cheap postage rates!

  • Reborn Baby

    Reborn Baby is a lifelike doll site created by a UK artist Deborah King. She ships her realistic dolls to Australia and other world wide locations

  • Bee-Dezigned Online Stationery Store

    Bee-Dezigned Online Stationery Store

    Enter our online store for hugely discounted prices from 10-50% off rrp off retail prices on ALL our products. Specialising in paper and invitation making supplies for weddings, engagements and christenings.

  • InstaStamp


    Manufacturer of the InstaStamp Craft Rubber Stamp Maker. Make rubber stamps at home.